Wrist Roller

The wrist roller is a gym exercise turned obstacle.  From 2013 Spartan Races it was used 4 times and only in the Canadian races.  While this isn’t a common one to see at a race it makes for a good forearm workout which contributes to grip strength is ultimately important in most obstacles.

Here are some photos to help explain the wrist rollers:

wrist roller

This is all you need at home or the gym to practice them. A circular piece of any type of material, a rope, and a weight at the other end of the rope. If the cheap DIY solution isn’t for you, here is a great one to look at – Wrist Rollerwrist roller




wrist roller

This is a great two photo example of how you perform this correctly.  You would normally start with the weight as shown in photo B and twist the dowel or rod in a circular motion until the weight reaches the top.  Once there you unwind it and go again as needed.




wrist roller

Here you can see many of the parts of the forearm and hand you will end up working on.






So after all this what you need to do is go practice.  This obstacle practice will help with the wall traverse, monkey bars, tractor pull, water jug carry, and so on for obstacles that involve grip (most things).  Don’t forget to look at some other obstacle how to’s and information.



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