Valle De Bravo, Mexico Spartan Super 2013

Location: Valle De Bravo, EST, MX
Date: May 18, 2013


Estimated Miles:

2013 – 8

Number of Obstacles:

(Please note there was no reliable video source to transcribe, if you have one or have run this race please contact me)

2013 – 22 ?!?!

2013 Obstacle List:

As stated above, this was pieced together from about 10 videos of the race.

5 foot wall Rope Climb
stream cross Stream cross
Barbed Wire Crawl Balance Beam
6 foot wall (3) Wall Traverse
log lifts Spear throw
Sandbag Carry stream cross
monkey bars fire jump
Over under through reverse slippery wall
Tractor Pull slippery wall
Fill bucket with stone carry cargo net up and across
Hercules Hoist gladiator pit

Average Finishing Time:

2013 : M – 2:50:49

W – 3:18:09

Number of Racers:

2013 – 7715

Top 3 Overall Finishers:

Oliveros Gamez Luis Octavio – 1:21:20

Hunter McIntyre – 1:23:45

Silva German – 1:26:13


Results Page: