Urbanathlon – New York – 2013

My pre race packet pick up netted me this bib and a t-shirt. Nothing really notable other than the 20% discount for in store purchases. It was enough for the retailer city sports to match online pricing from most other companies.


I entered this race as a last minute thing to test the waters with this relatively new and not high volume race.  It turned out to be a pretty easy race over all with simple obstacles and only two backups at early on obstacles.  If it wasn’t for the back ups I probably could have shaved a few minutes off my time.  But either way I did beat the 1:30 mark to qualify for the elite heat next year if I choose to do it again.


Urbanathlon is a 10 mile 10 obstacle race that is set in Urban/City environments.  It’s pretty much the flattest adventure race you can run (see my gps data below), the obstacles are also pretty easy for the most part.  Here are the obstacles in computer generated form, they only varied in a few instances that I’ll describe. In order from left to right / top to bottom:

GPS Data:

And the actual race map in comparison:

nyc urbanathlon


Also here is the pace in chart form to show about where in the race the obstacles fell and how they affected the race time wise:





I would do this race again.  I never actually run 10 miles in my training runs and this is a good excuse to get the distance in.  Next year I’ll sign up earlier(save money) and get myself into the elite field if possible so I’m not weaving through people the entire race(I started in the second to last wave).  Is this Spartan hard, no way; but this is more of a road race with a breaking up of the monotony by obstacles.


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