Toronto Spartan Beast 2013

Location: Toronto, ON, CA
Date: July 14, 2013


Estimated Miles:

2013 – 12.8

Number of Obstacles:

2013 – 40

2013 Obstacle List:

Fire Jump Log Lift
Bear Crawl Barbed wire crawl in stream
Wrist Roller Thick mud walk
Sandbag Carry Tractor Pull
Cargo net pyramid Weighted Wheel Barrow
Jumping Jacks Memory test
Memory test Bucket Carry
Ammo Box Carry Spear Throw
Chin ups Jerry Can Carry
Rope Ladder climb Crawl under camo net
Rope Climb Log Carry
Sandbag Carry Rock Carry
Spider Web Memory test
Fast feet Over Under Through
Crawl under board Hercules Hoist
Memory test Over Under Through
monkey bars Memory test
Rock Carry Hanging Rings
Rock Carry Slippery Wall
Dip Walk Gladiator Pit

Average Finishing Time:

M – 3:52:27

W – 4:20:08

Number of Racers:

2013 – 6284

Top 3 Overall Finishers:

Benjamin Morin Boucher – 1:56:38

Nick Croker – 1:56:48

Jesse Bruce – 1:57:48


Results Page: