The Best Compression Recovery Boots

This article is a long time in the making, over a year, and many thousands of dollars of “research” money was spent to make sure I tested out all the machines possible. I went ahead and bought compression recovery boots from all the levels of legitimate and semi-legitimate manufacturers I could find to see if […]

2014 Spartan Race Year In Review Stats

2014 was another great year for Spartan Races amongst many other Obstacle Course Racing companies canceling races and altogether going out of business. This year I’ll be focusing on US Spartan Race stats since they are the most consistently available ones compared to last years article covering the international franchised races as well. Read on for the stats […]

TomTom Cardio Review

I write this review with a somewhat heavy heart. I almost never write reviews that are of products that I would give less than 3 out of 5 stars to but the TomTom Cardio watch breaks the mold in my heavily researched buying. I’ll be keeping this review relatively short and mainly using it as a […]