Spartan Race – Fenway – 2013

spartan raceThe Spartan Sprint at Fenway was visually stunning and very well organized compared compared to the Citi Field Sprint that I did back in April.  The Citi field race was great but it felt like there was back ups and delays for everything.  The Fenway race was smooth with only one backup caused by a guy bringing his kid (8ish years old) with him on the course, still not sure how that was allowed. On a real positive, check out the back of the unique medal they gave to finishers:


This is a Spartan Sprint in the Stadium Series of races offered by Spartan Races.  They have had other stadium races at Citizen Park (Philadelphia), Miller Park (Wisconsin), and Citi Field (New York).  They are a slightly different variation of the usual Spartan Sprint races because they are in stadiums, duh, and instead of mountains and mud they have stairs and more stairs.  The Fenway spartan race consisted of 22 obstacles and roughly 3 miles of running.


Here is the map that kind of shows the course for spectators sake, the map of Fenway made it much nicer for people watching the race at the stadium than the ones on ski slopes where you pay money to see one or two locations at best:


And here is my Fenway GPS data which only configured about 3 minutes into the race and was spotty at best:

A list of all the obstacles:

5 foot wall Monkey Bars
Water jug carry Wall Traverse
bear crawl / high steps uphill Spear Throw
thick jump rope Hobie Hop
atlast lift Sandbag Carry
slam (25 lb medicine) ball Rope Climb
500 meter row Cargo Net
Hand Lift Push ups Military Hurdles
Herculean Hoist 8 foot wall
Over Under Through Box Jumps
7 foot wall Gladiator Pit


Another great Spartan race and a good conclusion to the stadium series of races for 2013.  This race had all the main stays of obstacles for a spartan race, and nearly identical in obstacles to the Citi Field Spartan Sprint.  If you are thinking about running this race next year – Do it. If you aren’t sure and love classic stadiums, baseball, Boston, Fenway or just want to run a solid race – Do it.  No need to wait:

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