Spartan Beast World Championships – 2013

I ran the Spartan Beast in Killington, Vermont this past weekend and just wow.  I thought I prepared pretty adequately but adequate doesn’t cut it when it came to this race.  By the numbers of average mile time alone it was the toughest race I have ever run – 30:44 /mile.  I also checked all the spartan races that Hobie Call (winner) ran this year and it was his slowest per mile  as well – 16:36 /mile.

It was hill after mountain after hill and those are the unspoken obstacles through out the 13-14 mile race. In actual obstacles there were 38 that I counted, see the list:

Over under through wood ladder then horizontal net
Hay bale jumps swim, rope climp, swim
5 foot walls horizontal wall traverse
Memorization test swim, tarzan swing, swim
Tire flip then pull up a hill recite memory test
60-70lb sand bag crawl through pipe
6 foot walls cargo net climbs
Hercules Hoist Atlast Lift
Monkey Bars Uphill Barbed Wire Crawl
Rolling Mud bucket full of loose stones below waist
7 foot walls Stump Balance
Tractor Pull tyrolean traverse
Inverted Wall 8 foot wall
Barbed Wire Crawl wood ladders over container
Spear Throw Inverted Wall
Hay bale jumps sandbag carry
Underwater wall mini barbed wire and Slippery wall
rope climb fire jump
Barbed Wire Crawl gladiator pit

Here is a video I found that shows the most of the obstacles that I’ve listed here:


Another recent find was GPS data from the race. The amazing numbers from this GPS report was the 7,742 feet of gained elevation through out the race.

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