MudGear Socks and Shirt Review

MudGear is company that focuses on making the best obstacle racing specific gear around. They even have the slogan, “Because warriors are not made on treadmills.” This speaks to their entire approach to creating tough enduring garments that have all the needed features for a long wet and muddy race.

For this review I’m going to touch on 3 of their products that I have for review – MudGear Fitted Race Jersey, MudGear Compression  Socks, and the MudGear 1/4 Crew Trail Socks.

MudGear Fitted Race Jersey

MudGear Shirt Review
The fitted race jersey is perfect for people that like their race shirts to be not made from compression and tucked in. Unfortunately those two things aren’t my normal style. But if you don’t prefer to race in a compression shirt then this is the shirt for you.

The wicking and breathability of this shirt is great and near the best that I’ve worn. As for the fit, it is that great level of just looser than compression. For me that is a size medium – I am 5’7″ 150lbs.  I might modify this shirt for untucked usage because it breathes so well and I dislike tucking in shirts.


MudGear 1/4 Crew Trail Socks

These socks were right up my alley and performed great. They have a good snug fit while not being overly tight and the 1/4 crew is a nice length for racing on trails. Another thing that struck me as nice was that they were padded just enough on the bottom without holding too much water.  It is a very fine balance that socks need to strike to have padding while not holding water and they achieved it.


MudGear Compression Socks

The compression socks are a mirror to the crew with the additional length bringing them to just under the knee. I don’t regularly wear high socks like these but when running on trails they were nice protection from the random twigs and other things that stick out over trails. The only downside to these was that the compression part was a little too snug for my taste, but that could likely be due to me not wearing compression socks normally.


That’s it for my review on the new MudGear products.  They are blazing a trail for some new OCR gear that could help spur more and more innovation for OCR specific products.  These are solid starts and I look forward to seeing what they come out with in years to come!

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  1. Patrick Fillion says

    Too bad there’s a 35$ fee for international shipping… Socks do not weight much, how come it is that expensive? I read your article Dario and went straight to their website, wrote my name and adress to buy them, but 35$ in shipping fees…sorry!

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