Melbourne Spartan Sprint 2013

Location: Melbourne, VI, AU

Date: March 2, 2013


Estimated Miles:

2013 – 4

Number of Obstacles:

2013 – 26

2013 Obstacle List:

barb wire crawl water walk
water walk triangle walls 2-3′ high
rolling mud water swim
hay bale water walk
hay bale slippery wall of dirt with rope
hay bale crawl through length of 2-3′ triangles
water walk slippery wall to horizontal cargo net to downward cargo net
long sand bag carry w/ tire stepping obstacle in middle rope climb
over under through water walk
2″ board balance walk over 10 x 8′ planks spear throw
7 foot wall fire jump
barb wire crawl monkey bars
wall traverse gladiator pit

Average Finishing Time:

M – 1:23:24

W – 1:39:48

Number of Racers:

2013 – 2259

Top 3 Overall Finishers:

Matt Murphy – 39:31

Shaun Phelps – 39:53

Hugh Rawlinson – 41:15


Results Page: