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Isaiah Vidal is a young adventure racer with big plans for the coming season. At 20 years old, last year alone, he had 6 podium(top 3) performances at Spartan Races.  This year he plans to blow that away and finish every race on the podium.  Isaiah Vidal is someone to look out for at your future races, enjoy the interview below.

(sponsor list updated May 1st 2014)

Racer profile

isaiah vidal
Name: Isaiah Vidal
Age: 20
Height: 5 9”
Weight: 180
Hometown / current:  Marble Falls, Texas
Sponsors: Neogenis Sports (Beet Elite), Titin, FitAidisaiah vidal, ATP Extreme, Pacific Health Labsisaiah vidalElevation Training Mask

Are you currently sponsored? How has the experience been?
I am currently sponsored by BeetEliteisaiah vidal one of the best endurance products of the 21st century.

What makes BeetElite special? How do you find it helps your performance over other supplements? 
Its not a supplement its a super food that enhances your body by supplying more blood to the working muscle. In 1997 Scienctist discovered Nitric Oxide in foods then creating Nitric oxide tablets. At Neogenis sports they have the finest Beets  in the entire world, where they get there beets I do not know. They discovered that beets carry nitrates which are then turned into nitrites which is the same as Nitric Oxide, but at a better and healthier way for the body. So BeetElite is 6 Organic Crystalized beets in one little packet that does wonders for the body. The research and studies behind it are amazing as you would have to drink 2 liters of beet juice or 6 whole organic beets in order to equal a Beet Elite Neo Shot!

What are your goals for the upcoming year?
My goal for 2014 is huge as I plan on being on the podium at every event I attend this year in the Spartan Race & OCR circuit

Do you have a favorite race promotion? And why?
Spartan Race – It draws the strongest competition that drives me as a competitor.

What draws you to obstacle racing over any other sport?
It draws me more then any other sport, because it challenges the body in every angle by testing an athletes athleticism to overcome obstacles.

What has been the highlight of your career?
I have had my far share of Racing, but nothing will compare when I accepted CEO Founder of Spartan Race Joe Desenaisaiah vidal challenge to bike form Austin, Tx to the 2013 Vermont Spartan Race World Championship.

Why did joe challenge you to bike to the Spartan Race Beast in Killington?
It all started in Monterey and after a horrible race performance I met with Joe Desenaisaiah vidal after the event. We were talking slowly abou tmy career and then conversation escalated about attending the Spartan World Championship. Joe then asked if I was going to be there. I responded by telling him “ yeah if the funds go right for me” Joe responding “What do you mean ? “ Telling him again well it cost money to get there Joe. With out hesitation Joe said “Well why do you bike” When these words came out of his mouth I was shock, as previous months ago I had planned to bike to a Spartan Race event due to the fact that no one in the history of this sports has not done so, but at that time I didn’t have the money nor the bike to do it. So without further or do I responded to Joe by telling him “well Joe even that cost money” Joe without hesitating said “I’ll fund you for it” and to close it I shook his hand immediately also saying to him “ I’ll do it , but you have to get me a bike, because I wasn’t going to use the bike I had gotten from Wal-Mart ” A week later I was on the road with a customized Fuji bike from Austin, Tx to Vermont.

isaiah vidal

Will you run the Spartan Race Beast or Ultra Beast this year (2014) at killington?
I will be competing in the World Championship Beast and the Ultra Beast.

What is the most difficult obstacle in any race you have run?
The Tarzan Swing at the Spartan Race Vermont championship seems to be my worst enemy.

What made the Tarzan swing hard for you? Did it identify a weakness in training that you have built upon?
Grip strength plays a big role and its something I will be working on, but for the championship in 2013. I couldn’t due to being almost paralyzed from my fingers and grip strength from the 16 day bike ride to Vermont

What has been your most challenging race?
The Spartan Race Sprint in Mexico City held inside the Estadio Azteca was quite the most lung busting OCR event for me.

Tell me about some of your other interests outside of racing?
When I am not training I like to coach big groups of people, so whenever I get the chance I love sharing my input in training for OCR.

Do you have a regular job (9-5) or run professionally?
Currently doing my studies to earn my Bachelors in Kinesiology and I also run professionally as a Obstacle Course Racer.

Do other people on campus recognize you as one of the top OCR racers or do you blend in as just “normal guy” Isaiah Vidal? 
I totally blend in, but when I wear my Spartan clothing the questions always come  at me.

isaiah vidal

Fitness / Health

How many hours a week do you train?  What is your favorite workout?
I train less then 8 hours a week. My favorite workout would always be my weight lifting days. Where I do HIT training in the morning and then a very heavy weight lifting session in the afternoon.

How often do you run?  Do you do cardio besides running?
People say, they don’t run well in the sport of OCR we are running pretty much 70% of the time. Running is very important, it isn’t about the miles. It’s about the output of work within a mile. Any OCR fanatic can go run 3 miles, but its about how fast you can actually run that 5k/10k that separates you from the other competition.

Do you participate in crossfit? 
Crossfit is another great sport that can test the body to the lactic threshold barrier. Crossfit can be good for the Short OCR events, but it can also transition into the longer events, by doing long Crossfit Metcon workouts.

What is your favorite non running work out?
“The Steam Room Swimming workout” where I sit and do 10 burpees EMOM(every minute on the minute) for 10 minutes and then swim repeating for 2 rounds in a Steam Room and Swimming pool.

Are you vegan or do you have any other specialized type of diet?
No special diet. I eat what is good for the body not for the mind. Constantly eating every 3-4 hours will keep the bodies metabolism high. Which in return the body will not only burn fat, but performance output increases during workouts.

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