Hyperwear SandBell Review

Recently it came to my attention once again that I need more work on carrying weight for long distances. So I said to myself, “Self, you really need to get something more comfortable to carry on your shoulder for hours at a time.” Off I went in search of a sand bag type product that would be the most comfortable and last the longest. Immediately what came to mind was the pancakes that are used at Spartan Races and how long they last. So I started reading up on all sorts of sand bag contraptions, there are many, and settled on the SandBell from Hyperwear.

Next up was where to buy it from. I needed more things for my constantly working out self so I went looking for a good Crossfit type store that would have many things I needed. I found a store called Fitness Sanctum that had recently opened up with competitive pricing and all the fun workout toys I could imagine. Ended up getting some stretching bands, a speed rope, and of course the Sandbell. I wasn’t initially sure that going with a new store would be a good idea but they had a great return policy (365 days) and good shipping rates for such a heavy item. Anyway, on to the review of the SandBell.

Hyperwear SandBell Review

As I mentioned the main reason I searched out a new weight to carry was my displeasure training with other things such as logs, inner tubes filled with sand, rocks, etc. This sandbell has the softest neoprene surface I’ve ever felt. Now it could be just because I’m use to all of the other things I mentioned but this felt great. As soon as I opened the box I popped in on my should and walked around the house for a while with it. I went with the 40 lb. size mainly because it was enough to be a challenge for me weighing in at 150 lb. but not enough that it would break me down in a mile. Also it would serve as a great stand in for gear weight if I were to just throw it in an empty backpack and hit the trails.


Checkout the high quality stitching in this close up

Next up was taking my favorite new toy out for it’s maiden voyage. It was soooo much nicer to go for a few mile fast paced walk with this than anything else I’ve ever brought.  And even while sweating on it and switching grip the whole time it felt great on the red seams edge. When I brought the sandbell inside I actually could barely tell it was used. Oh and I almost forgot when I got to the park with it I felt like doing some sandbell slams. Picked it up over head and slammed it down repeatedly until enough people stared at me and I was exhausted. All in all a success for it’s first use.


Even when being pulled repeatedly the stitching shows no change or wear

I repeated similar patterns to the above for a week and change and the Hyperwear Sandbell is still in great condition. It was even more thoroughly tested on some days when I used it as a kettle bell and swung it practically just by the seams. Great construction and not a single leak of sand from all the slams and tosses around the park.

Hyperwear SandBell Pros

  • Very durable but soft neoprene that’s good on even sensitive skin
  • High quality stitching that doesn’t budge
  • Useful for a wide range of execises
  • Lack of handle improve grip strength naturally

Hyperwear SandBell Cons

  • not inexpensive at 40 lb.
  • max weight is 50 lb.

Hyperwear SandBell Summary

After spending almost two weeks with this beautiful Sandbell by Hyperwear I can’t believe I have lived so long without one. I almost feel bad for my kettle bell who now just sits in the corner while I whip this sand bag up, down, and around. The long and short of it is that you should just go buy one and stop waiting for a better time, the best time is now. As always if you have any more tests you would like to see done or questions please leave a comment or contact me.


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