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Hunter McIntyre is one of the best emerging talents in obstacle racing.  Having started obstacle racing in 2011 he can now be found on the podium for every race he enters, never missing the top 3 for 2 years. In 2013 alone he has won 8 (currently 5 in a row) spartan races while managing to edge out the best racers around.

Racer profile

Hunter McIntyre
Name: Hunter McIntyre
Nickname: The Sheriff
Age: 24
Height: 6’2
Weight: 195
Hometown / current: NYC
Sponsors: Reebokhunter mcintyre and Spartan Racehunter mcintyre Pro Team

Hunter, who do you see as your inspiration? Why?
I am inspired by people who are the pioneers of their sports such as Dave ScottMark Allenhunter mcintyre, and Arnold! Just to name a few. These men took their sports to such great heights, while making people understand and respect what it takes to be a champion.

Are you currently sponsored? If so who and how has the experience been?
My partnership with both Reebok and the Spartan Race have been an incredible experience! I am very proud to be part of a team which I can now call my family 🙂

What are you goals for the upcoming year?
Obviously I liked to win the World Championship but I have some other goals outside of racing obstacle races. I’d like to try some CrossFit competitions and maybe take on some triathlons.

How many hours a week do you train? What is your favorite workout?
I try to get in at least two workouts a day, with a few days a week with 4 plus hours of volume. My favorite workouts involve rowing and running intervals coupled with heavy weight lifting! Try Helen or Nancy and you’ll know what I mean.

You mentioned that you don’t run everyday, how often do you run and about how many miles a week?
I run twice a week, tops three times. I find running to get boring unless I have really awesome terrain to enjoy the experience. When I run its mostly intervals from 400 meters to 2 mile repeats, occasionally I wear a weight vest to focus more on leg strength. Another new addiction of mine is Barry’s Bootcamp, a treadmill/circuit class that crushes me! In total I might get about 10- 15 miles in a week and a few times a month I will add a long run in to stay familiar with the feeling of it.

Do you see CrossFit as being helpful for obstacle racers?
CrossFit has been very helpful to me, I use it for most of my condition because I don’t really believe in running everyday. I suggest EVERYONE strength train 4 times a week if they want to be a serious competitor in any sport. CrossFit can help most people become a well rounded athlete in a short period of time.

Have you ever had the chance to train with Rich Froning? How do you think he would do at a spartan race?
I have never had the chance to go toe to toe with the champ, however I did get a workout in with jason Khalipa at Reebok headquarters where he made me look like a child. Both of these two are phenomanal athletes in a sport known as the jack of all trades, but I don’t believe they can hold up the running speed you need to win one of these races.

How often do you incorporate burpees into your workouts? What is the most burpees you have done in a day?
I use burpess about once or twice a week for high intensity works or active recovery. Between the thruster and the burpee these two moves can build a monster athlete! My favorite time to use them is during tabata intervals or between track repeats, but i rarely rack up more than 100 in one day.

What has been the highlight of your career?
The World Championships were something I will never forget, one because it was the was the hardest test of man in my life to date and two because of the killer athletes I competed against. I am also very excited to have won my home town race in Malibu!

Hunter McIntyre

Tell me about your most embarrassing moment in racing?
I raced in Pennsylvania for fun thinking I would crush the competition. I ran with the front pack and bs’d with the guys as we climbed the mountain, when we reached the top I missed the spear and all the guys I just teased up the mountain passed me. Luckily I made it back down at a break neck pace to win the race by 13 seconds!

What is the most difficult obstacle in any race you have run?
I would have to say that sand bags probably take the most time to complete while breaking most runners spirits. However the rope traverse is very difficult, especially if your hands are cold.

When you have mud and rocks in your socks during a race, how do you deal with it?
Ha! That’s the least of my worries during a race, to be honest I’ve never really noticed.

Tell me about some of your other interests outside of racing?
I am a big people person so I do my best to be around my friends and family at all times. My work life outside of racing is group fitness, spin classes and coaching. These keep me focused while holding me accountable while not on the course. When I’m having alone time I’ll spend it reading books or taking an adventurous walk!

Hunter McIntyre will be looking to conquer some races near you.  So sign up at SpartanRace.comhunter mcintyre for the chance to see him, or even challenge him!

hunter mcintyre

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