Greasing the Groove – strength / endurance building technique

I recently discovered this interesting concept for training that’s been around for a long time – Greasing the Groove. The method is basically to do the one exercise, or two exercises at most, that you want to improve your strength and endurance with. The classic example and often used example is with pull ups.

With pull ups let’s say your max repetitions with good form is ten. What you will want to do is half that number, or slightly more, and do sets of 5 pull ups spaced through out the day. One of the important parts of greasing the groove is to never do so many reps/sets that you feel tired while doing them. You should also at no point in the week feel sore or tired, if you are then you need to back off the amount of reps/sets and days per week.

Here are some great articles I read to understand it in more depth:

Grease the Groove for Strength by Pavel Tsatsouline

I think this could help me expand my abilities greatly in the coming months. I’ve been stuck at about 10 pull ups for months now no matter how many times I push to exhaustion. I’m going to remove them from my regular upper body strength day and see if I can get to 20 in the next few months.

Leave a comment if you’ve tried this method (good or bad results)

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