Gladiator Pit

This will be the last obstacle of every spartan race, As of April 4th, 2014 this obstacle has been discontinued by the people at Spartan Race.  It’s almost purely a photo op of you taking an unfortunate shot to the mid section. Check out a few gladiator pit pictures (thanks Spartan Race photogs):

gladiator pit

Alec Blenis cruising through a gladiator pit

gladiator pit

Hobie Call taking a shot to the baby maker

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Dario is an obstacle course racer and lover of great coffee. When he isn't writing on this blog he can be found working as a photographer for NYSE, AP, and occasionally Getty Images.
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    • Dario says

      There were various reasons quoted by various people. Some of them were – insurance and becoming more standardized to become a potential olympic sport.

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