Dryrobe Review

Dryrobe Review

Jon Albon and other teammates rocking their Dryrobes

When I was recently catching up with Spartan Race World Champion and OCRWC winner, Jon Albon, I saw that he was sponsored by a company I wasn’t familiar with. So I started looking into Dryrobe to see what they do and I was instantly floored by the fact I had never heard of what Dryrobe makes. Dryrobe in short is a portable changing room, towel, and (based on the one you get) it can also doubles as a warm blanket.

So off I went in acquiring one of these portable changing rooms so that I wouldn’t be getting caught naked in parking lots any more while doing my final clothing change before driving home. Previously I would open my front and rear doors and then quickly disrobe between them in a 3 walled little car fort but no more! Now I’m off to test and review the Dryrobe in the wild and just in time for the cold months to come upon me in the Northeast of the US.

I decided on the fact that the Dryrobe Advance would be the most useful for my needs. In the summer I’m more prone to willingly get nude in the outdoors without much concern but sometimes would require this if I couldn’t get any privacy so the insulation wouldn’t bother me for short periods of time.  And in the winter after using the “showers” at OCR races which are just a hose full of freezing water I would more welcome the heat aspect of the soft inner lining.


Dryrobe Review

I took the Dryrobe out on it’s maiden voyage with a 35*F (1.6 C) day ahead and a decent amount of wind. Size and convenience of totting the slightly large Dryrobe didn’t matter since it would be left in my car. I went for a long muddy and sweaty trail run where I ended up quite wet and dirty so it was perfect that instead of doing my usual drape towels on the car seats and lean forward I was able to get changed in comfort. While the it isn’t the same as walking into a warm house and jumping in the shower then into some cozy clothes I did manage to casually get dressed in public without the indecency charges and shivering.

I was tempted to ride home in it after changing and hydrating for a bit but though better of it since I was in a modern car with the joys of heating. But until my car heated up I wasn’t too worried about staying warm in the wet frigid condition I was in. This was the perfect scenario and use case for it and I look forward to being a little more civil on my journeys.

Next up in the coming months will be and update to this article about using it at race sites.

Dryrobe Pros

  • The pockets means you don’t need to drop your phone and possibly damage or lose track of it, they are also waterproof from the outside (rain) and inside (your wet body) .
  • The warm lining in the winter is essentially the most welcoming thing I can imagine, a cocoon of happy
  • The lining also helps dry you while not holding onto the water since it’s made of lambswool

Dryrobe Cons

  •  It’s a little bulky to fit in your gear bag
  • People will keep asking you what you are wearing (they will all know eventually)

Dryrobe Summary

I would say at the moment most people don’t know what Dryrobe is and I’m sure that will change with time. They sell a useful product and sponsor Jon Albon (Spartan Race World Champion and OCRWC Winner) so the exposure will come in no time. It is a bit on the pricey side so if you aren’t sure you will enjoy you should really weigh the pros and cons; I personally think it’s worth every dime. Maybe in the future I’ll be able to get a coupon code out of them to help out with international shipping!



If you have any more questions about them feel free to reach out to me and I’ll try and answer them for you. Oh and check out some close up details photos of my Dryrobe:

Dryrobe Review

Lambswool Close up

Dryrobe Review

Sealed pockets on the outside to protect valuables

Dryrobe Review

YKK Zipper that goes both ways and easy pull tab






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Title: Dryrobe Review
Reviewed by Dario Cantatore on Nov 25
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Summary: Dryrobe is the ultimate solution in portable changing rooms.
Description: Dryrobe in short is a portable changing room, towel, and (based on the one you get) it can also doubles as a warm blanket. Read on for more information.
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