Inov-8 X-talon 212 Trail Shoes Review

****** REVIEW UPDATE 12/1/2014 ******* After owning these shoes and testing many more off trail and trail shoes for over a year these shoes have really stood the test of time in terms of endurance.  I’ve gone through two pairs of Reebok All Terrains and tested many other shoes but these shoes haven’t gone away. My […]

MudGear Socks and Shirt Review

MudGear is company that focuses on making the best obstacle racing specific gear around. They even have the slogan, “Because warriors are not made on treadmills.” This speaks to their entire approach to creating tough enduring garments that have all the needed features for a long wet and muddy race. For this review I’m going to […]

Reebok All Terrain Super – Review

It is also worth reading the comparison between the Reebok All Terrain Super and All Terrain Sprint Version that I wrote, there are more specs on both of them. I took as long as possible to get the most thorough review possible for the Reebok All Terrain Super running shoes. It’s been over 4 months […]

Lock Laces Review

I’m officially converted to a Lock Laces user after my recent usages in obstacle course racing. If you’re new to lock laces they are a really simple concept made right, they are a standard shoe lace replacement. How they work is by removing your old laces and then using their bungee type cord to relace […]

Reebok Sprint vs Reebok Super Comparison

I finally managed to get my hands on a pair of each Reebok All Terrain shoe, Reebok All Terrain Sprint and Reebok All Terrain Super, to take apart and check out the differences between them. There was the initial try on which many readers will know led to some fitment issues with the shoes being on the narrow side.  But what […]