Probar Bolt Energy Chew Review

In my last review, I looked at Vega Sport Endurance Gels as a whole-food based, natural alternative to maltodextrin based gels and chews. While maltodextrin is gaining popularity in the endurance community, a lot of athletes report stomach issues, gut bombs, and other problems with it, and thus prefer other carbohydrate sources. For such a […]

Vega Sport Endurance Gel Review

With great pleasure, here is a review brought to you by one of our favorite professional OCR athletes Alec Blenis: When it comes to during-activity fueling, there are so many options out there, but most of them are all slight variations of the same thing. Maltodextrin based fueling options are the norm in the endurance […]

2nd Surge Energy Gel Review

I came across 2nd Surge Energy Gel by Pacific Health Labs which is from the same makers as Accel Gel while prepping for my comprehensive gel comparison article.  After sampling the chocolate flavored gel I realized it deserved a review all on its own. Flavor The taste of 2nd Surge chocolate is a deeper flavor that many gels.  It […]