The Lost Tribe Expedition 2014 Review

I had the chance to participate in the inaugural race (May 17, 2014) for the The Lost Tribe Expedition race series and it was a real eye opener and great learning experience for me (and likely them).  I went into the event completely blind to what I was about to do except for knowing it was […]

Summer Death Race 2014 – Pre Race

The Summer Death Race is the paramount event for obstacle racing in the United States. It is what started the entire Spartan Race series back in 2007 when a few crazy guys decided they needed to push people to the physical and mental limit. That’s all the history you need because the race is the toughest […]

Citi Field Spartan Race 2014

The Citi Field Sprint is the first of the Stadium Series of Spartan Races for 2014.  It also serves as the seasons first obstacle race for many of us more northern racers.  Being the second year at Citi Field they have definitely smoothed things out with backups and efficiency which can always be a problem […]

Spartan Race – Malibu – 2013

The Malibu spartan sprint was quite an adventure on all fronts.  The spartan race proved to be a challenging course with a stretch of bad weather which made for a very muddy course. There was also the delays having to do with the logistics of getting 6000 racers from a ranch 25 minutes away to […]

Spartan Race – Fenway – 2013

The Spartan Sprint at Fenway was visually stunning and very well organized compared compared to the Citi Field Sprint that I did back in April.  The Citi field race was great but it felt like there was back ups and delays for everything.  The Fenway race was smooth with only one backup caused by a […]

Urbanathlon – New York – 2013

My pre race packet pick up netted me this bib and a t-shirt. Nothing really notable other than the 20% discount for in store purchases. It was enough for the retailer city sports to match online pricing from most other companies. Description: I entered this race as a last minute thing to test the waters […]

UFC Athletes compete at Texas Sprint Spartan

As a fan of the UFC and Spartan Races finding this out was very cool. And to see the upcoming contender for the Welterweight belt, Johny Hendricks, and Jamie Varner go all out at a Spartan Race was amazing. See the video here: Jamie came away with the win which was expected since he is […]

Spartan Beast World Championships – 2013

I ran the Spartan Beast in Killington, Vermont this past weekend and just wow.  I thought I prepared pretty adequately but adequate doesn’t cut it when it came to this race.  By the numbers of average mile time alone it was the toughest race I have ever run – 30:44 /mile.  I also checked all […]

Ever badly sprain a toe with a week before a race?

While going on a relaxing run in the woods, at dusk, when visiting my parents I had the pleasure of ramming my foot right into a huge root in mid stride. The result was a sensation like one I haven’t felt in quite some time that left me seeing stars. My first impression was that […]