2014 Spartan Race Year In Review Stats

2014 was another great year for Spartan Races amongst many other Obstacle Course Racing companies canceling races and altogether going out of business. This year I’ll be focusing on US Spartan Race stats since they are the most consistently available ones compared to last years article covering the international franchised races as well. Read on for the stats […]

Inov-8 X-talon 212 Trail Shoes Review

****** REVIEW UPDATE 12/1/2014 ******* After owning these shoes and testing many more off trail and trail shoes for over a year these shoes have really stood the test of time in terms of endurance.  I’ve gone through two pairs of Reebok All Terrains and tested many other shoes but these shoes haven’t gone away. My […]

TITIN Tech Weighted Compression Shirt (TITIN Force) Review

I initially came across the weighted compression shirt (TITIN Force) by TITIN Tech initially while interviewing Spartan Race Pro Isaiah Vidal. Instantly I was intrigued by the concept of having a weight vest that wouldn’t jostle around while doing non static exercises. What the people at TITIN Tech have done is just that.  They have […]

Reebok All Terrain Super – Review

It is also worth reading the comparison between the Reebok All Terrain Super and All Terrain Sprint Version that I wrote, there are more specs on both of them. I took as long as possible to get the most thorough review possible for the Reebok All Terrain Super running shoes. It’s been over 4 months […]

How To – Spear Throw

The Spear Throw is a staple of Spartan Races and one of the obstacles that is unique to them.  It’s a simple obstacle, you walk up to a target and get one chance to throw a crude spear into a hay bale that is representing something like the torso of an enemy. If you miss, […]

Reebok Sprint vs Reebok Super Comparison

I finally managed to get my hands on a pair of each Reebok All Terrain shoe, Reebok All Terrain Sprint and Reebok All Terrain Super, to take apart and check out the differences between them. There was the initial try on which many readers will know led to some fitment issues with the shoes being on the narrow side.  But what […]

David Magida – Interview

David Magida is in position to make a run at the first place spot at every Spartan Race he runs this year. Having already taken first place in back to back days in Georgia(2014) he has all the signs of a great year in the making.  But not only is he one of the best Spartan […]

Best gloves for a Spartan Race

Running Spartan Races can be tough business for the hands.  You might train for hours a day in a gym or at The Box but nothing can simulate crawling through rough muddy rocks under barbed wire or doing a hundred or so burpees on terrain ranging from mud to pavement. I workout a few hours […]

Must have items for a Spartan Race

After one unprepared race you start to realize that you struggled for nothing. I’m pretty tough mentally but my skin is still skin, therefore I must suggest a few things to aid you when going for your first spartan as well as many after that. Here they are split up by Spartan Race distances, for […]