Summer Death Race 2014 – Pre Race

The Summer Death Race is the paramount event for obstacle racing in the United States. It is what started the entire Spartan Race series back in 2007 when a few crazy guys decided they needed to push people to the physical and mental limit. That’s all the history you need because the race is the toughest […]

David Magida – Interview

David Magida is in position to make a run at the first place spot at every Spartan Race he runs this year. Having already taken first place in back to back days in Georgia(2014) he has all the signs of a great year in the making.  But not only is he one of the best Spartan […]

Isaiah Vidal – Interview

Isaiah Vidal is a young adventure racer with big plans for the coming season. At 20 years old, last year alone, he had 6 podium(top 3) performances at Spartan Races.  This year he plans to blow that away and finish every race on the podium.  Isaiah Vidal is someone to look out for at your future […]

Hunter McIntyre – Interview

Hunter McIntyre is one of the best emerging talents in obstacle racing.  Having started obstacle racing in 2011 he can now be found on the podium for every race he enters, never missing the top 3 for 2 years. In 2013 alone he has won 8 (currently 5 in a row) spartan races while managing […]

Brakken Kraker – Interview

Brakken Kraker is one of the top obstacle racers out of the Midwest. If you see him at an event it will likely be on the podium no matter what the distance is.  He is also a family man and a teacher that spends much of his spare time outside of racing improving the lives of […]

Alec Blenis – Interview

Alec Blenis is one of the best young adventure racers you will come across.  In my interview below I touch on his racing and on his well rounded personality outside of racing. Racer profile Name: Alec Blenis Nickname: n/a Age: 19 Height: 5’7 Weight: 140 pounds Hometown: Roswell, GA Sponsors: Spartan Race   Who do […]