Obstacle How To – Monkey Net

A new obstacle for 2014 is the Monkey Net over water.  For this obstacle you approach a pit of water and step up on to a bar or log so you can reach the cargo net that hangs over it. You then use the cargo net as if it is a set of monkey bars and […]

Medicine Ball Slam

The medicine ball slam is an obstacle that is straight out of the gym and brought only to Spartan Race Stadium Sprints.  There are two different weights – 25 lb. for men and 15 lb. for women. What you do is pick up the ball to above your head and then slam it to the […]

How To – Spear Throw

The Spear Throw is a staple of Spartan Races and one of the obstacles that is unique to them.  It’s a simple obstacle, you walk up to a target and get one chance to throw a crude spear into a hay bale that is representing something like the torso of an enemy. If you miss, […]

Hawaiian Squats

Hawaiian Squats are a new addition for 2014 to the Spartan Race stadium series of obstacles.  However they aren’t actually a hawaiian squat, but more on that later.  What Spartan Race is using as the Hawaiian Squat obstacle is you approach a row of stadium seats, and proceed to sit and stand up on every […]

Sandbag Carry

Sandbag carry is a catch all term for all the sandbags, pancakes, sandbells and most other similar things that you will be carrying. Standard pancake style (sandBells) are what most Spartan Races will have and is 20 lbs. for the women and 40 lbs for the men.   A sandbag carry means you will be picking […]

10 foot wall Climb

A new obstacle at the Spartan race for this year was featured at the 2014 Arizona sprint for the first time. It is a 10 foot wall with ropes hanging down.  This obstacle uses strategies similar to the slippery wall.  You will want to treat it like the slippery wall by having your hands pulling on […]

Obstacle How To – Tire Drag and Pull

The tire pull and drag is a simple obstacle that uses a technique that is very similar to rowing, well more like rowing through barely wet cement.  The best way to start describing it is along with photos. 1.  You get to your tire and drag it until the rope is fully out stretched   […]

Obstacle How To – Slippery Wall

The slippery wall is often an obstacle that appears 3rd from last at every race.  It’s not the toughest but you really need to use a basic technique and not stop before you reach the top. The obstacle is made up of a wall at about a 45 degree angle with ropes hanging about every […]

Tire Swings

The tire swing obstacle is a throw back to your time as a child but this version isn’t as fun.  Instead of swinging back and forth in a tire you need to go across 5-6 tires that are all hanging on their own without touching the ground. My helpful tip on this one is to […]

Over Under Through

If you have done a Spartan Race of watched a video of one on youtube, then you know this obstacle. It is a three parts obstacle that starts with jumping over a 5 foot wall, crawling under a wall, and going through a hole in the last wall. For the first part, the wall, just […]