2014 Spartan Race Year In Review Stats

2014 was another great year for Spartan Races amongst many other Obstacle Course Racing companies canceling races and altogether going out of business. This year I’ll be focusing on US Spartan Race stats since they are the most consistently available ones compared to last years article covering the international franchised races as well. Read on for the stats […]

Sunny Hill Viking Obstacle Course Review

The Sunny Hill Viking Obstacle Course is one of the few of a growing number of permanent obstacle courses. One of the immediate things that make this course stand out is it’s proximity to New York City at only 2 hours north. The course is also conveniently located on the premises of the Sunny Hill Resort which […]

Spartan Race Tuxedo NBCSN

I do not own or host these video files but I just link to them. I suggest you enable adblock to best see the video.  Thanks!       http://gorillavid.in/fnl3pn9bv7py

Lead up to the Spartan Ultra Beast – part 2

Spartan Race Ultra Beast Countdown Clock:   After some great answers from Part 1 here we are for Part 2 of the Lead up to the Spartan Ultra Beast series. The people over at Spartan Race HQ announced this years race and there was something interesting: no application to get in. The doors are now wide […]

2014 Warrior Dash Announcement Details

All this week Warrior Dash has been posting their big announcements for 2014 on Facebook, one per day.  After reading about all of them I decided to follow up and get the details from the folks over at Warrior Dash.  See below for the day by day breakdown:   02/24 – Monday – 2014 Warrior […]

Lead Up to the Spartan Ultra Beast 2014 – Part 1

Spartan Race Ultra Beast Countdown Clock:   With the registration for the Killington Vermont Beast announced last week for september 21st, saturday, that means the Ultra Beast is likely going to be the following day again.  Which brings us to the first in our series of articles interviewing racers from the elite and open field […]

2013 Spartan Race Year In Review

After the most successful year to date, by the leading obstacle race organization, I thought it would be nice to go over some info and stats from the past year.  Spartan Race exploded in 2013 with a 91 packed races all around the globe and it clearly showed in the Killington, VT Spartan Beast Championship […]

NBC Spartan Championships Streaming

Incase you missed the Spartan championships when they initially aired we have them streaming for your convenience.   Download link and streaming: Spartan Championships 200mb What are you waiting for? Sign up for a Spartan Race Today!   (clicking these links helps to support my blog, thanks)