2014 Warrior Dash Announcement Details

All this week Warrior Dash has been posting their big announcements for 2014 on Facebook, one per day.  After reading about all of them I decided to follow up and get the details from the folks over at Warrior Dash.  See below for the day by day breakdown:


02/24 – Monday – 2014 Warrior Dash Championship Announcement

warrior dash

This is the official announcement for the Warrior Dash Championships that was quietly put out on the website about 6 weeks ago.  They will be giving out a combined $100,000 to the winners in different categories of the championship race on October 8, 2014.  Here is the official page:


And here are some official answers from the folks at Warrior Dash about the details:

Is there a way to qualify for championship if you ran in the open field? Maybe if your time beat the top 25 times in the competitive wave?
Runners can only qualify for the Warrior Dash World Championship by finishing in the top 25 times of their gender in the competitive wave.

Is the swag bag for the championship different than the new gear being given out?
Details are still being finalized, but yes! Each runner that comes to the Warrior Dash World Championship will receive a swag bag with multiple items from our staff and sponsors.

How many registrations are you expecting for the championship? Will there be a limit?
We expect around 500-1,000, but have planned the event to scale it to be as intimate or as large as necessary.

Will the race run on the same day in norcal be on the same course and open to regular registrations?
The event is on the same day, October 18th in the same location. The Warrior Dash World Championship is the first waves of the morning, and is not open to regular registration, as you must qualify at a local event to be eligible. However, there will also be our regularly-scheduled Norcal event, which is open to regular registrations.

Will there be team prizes?
None planned at this time, but is always a possibility.


02/25 – Tuesday – New Swag for 2014

warrior dash

For the new swag, what events will officially start to receive it instead of the older swag? What does the back of the new shirt say? Is the shirt unisex?
All 2014 events starting with Warrior Dash Texas will receive this swag. The back of the shirt says Warrior Dash. It is a unisex shirt.

Is there a significance between the switch to a red helmet from black? We’ve had our signature black helmet for the past five years, and still wanted to incorporate it into our sixth year while giving something new and fresh to our many repeat Warriors.

Will the medal ever work ever have a cork screw integrated, for wine drinking warriors?
Ha, that’s a great idea! Since we serve beer at our events, that’s where we put our focus. Don’t rule anything out for the future, though, as we are always innovating and listening to what our participants want. 🙂

Will the swag be refreshed every year?
We provide a different participant tee shirt and medal each year so that Warriors can add a diverse bunch to their collection.


02/26 – Wednesday – New Photo Partner and Beer Partner

Warrior dash will be partnering with Gameface Media for the coming season to provide free photos for all of the upcoming races. Gameface Media is well established and will provide high quality photos of all participants which will be a welcome addition.  Some of the best news in my opinion is the new Beer Partner – Shock Top.  Shock Top makes some of my favorite seasonal brews along with an always good standard offering.  Here are the details:

With the new photo partner, how long will it take for the release of the photos?
Typically the photos are updated along with our results email that is sent by mid-week following the event.

Do you have an example of the watermark that will be used with the free photos? 
The watermark is the Warrior Dash logo and any applicable sponsor logos.  Sample:

warrior dash

Will the shock top be seasonal or only/always their standard brew?
Shock Top Belgian White will be the standard across the season. There will also be a variety of seasonal brews served.

Will you be allowed to open your own beer with the finisher medal or does the vendor have to open them?
The brews are draught, so you’ll have to save your bottle opener for home!

02/27 – Thursday – New Obstacle Announcement

The new obstacle which is the biggest obstacle ever for the organization is the Goliath.  The goliath has been put into action starting in Florida this year and will continue to be used.  Look at the photos and details:


Here is a rendering of the Goliath

The first part, is that a rope climb?
The first part is an 18 foot climb up an 18′ tall A-frame structure draped with cargo nets.

If you fall into the water can you get back up somehow to do the water slide part or do you need to walk around?
If you fall into the water, there are ladders that you can climb back up.

Does the water actually spray upwards like in the render?

Actual photos of the Goliath in use:


02/28 – Friday – Coupon Codes for Teams

Any group of 5 or more Warriors registering for the same race will be eligible to use the promo code “WARRIORCREW” to get one additional registration for free.

You will need to register all at once to qualify. Not two on one day and three on another, 5 at once.


That’s all for the 2014 big announcements for warrior dash.  As always if you have more questions you want answered head over and contact us.  Thanks!



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