2013 Spartan Race Year In Review

After the most successful year to date, by the leading obstacle race organization, I thought it would be nice to go over some info and stats from the past year.  Spartan Race exploded in 2013 with a 91 packed races all around the globe and it clearly showed in the Killington, VT Spartan Beast Championship race with over $250,000 in prices awarded to racers. It also managed to get them on television with NBC for a hour long special on the race.  With no further delay here are some of the interesting numbers I came up with:


Total number of races: 91

Number of Spartan Sprint Races: 58

Number of Spartan Super Races: 18

Number of Spartan Beast Races: 13

Number of Spartan Ultra Beast Races: 2

Total Number of Participants: 300,429

Number of Open Spartan Finishers:  285,313

Number of Elite Spartan Finishers:  15,116

Number of  Spartan Sprint Finishers:  208, 792

Number of  Spartan Super Finishers:  62,907

Number of  Spartan Beast Finishers:  29,383

Number of  Spartan Ultra Beast Finishers:  347

Vermont Spartan Beast and Ultra Beast Stats:

Elite Ultra Beast finishing Percentage: 52.4% (206 registered)

Open Ultra Beast finishing Percentage: 43.6% (328 registered)

Saturday Elite Beast finishing Percentage:  65.8%  (570 registered)

Saturday Open Beast finishing Percentage: 77.2% (4763 registered)

Sunday Elite Beast finishing Percentage: 58.4% (101 registered)

Sunday Open Beast finishing Percentage: 41.6% (1433 registered)


Most Finishers for 2 Day Races:

08/11 – New England Sprint – 11,152

05/25 – Montreal Canada Sprint– 10,423

06/01 – Tri-Sate NY Sprint  – 10,214

Most Finishers for 1 Day Races:

04/13 – Citi Field Sprint – 10,040

11/16 – Fenway Boston Sprint – 8,254

05/17 – Valle De Bravo Mexico Super – 7,715

Least Finishers at Races:

11/02 – Sydney Ultra Beast – 96

09/21 – Vermont Ultra Beast Championship – 251

09/29 – Sun Peaks Canada Sprint – 660

09/22 – Midlands UK Super – 758

09/28 – Sun Peaks Canada Beast – 849

Number of States with a Spartan Race: 25

2013 Spartan race states visited


Countries Visited:  9 – France, England, Scotland, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Czech Republic, and Slovakia

2013 spartan race countries



If there is anything other stats you want to know please contact me, I have lots of information I can pull together if it is wanted.  Thanks!


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