Citi Field Spartan Race 2014

The Citi Field Sprint is the first of the Stadium Series of Spartan Races for 2014.  It also serves as the seasons first obstacle race for many of us more northern racers.  Being the second year at Citi Field they have definitely smoothed things out with backups and efficiency which can always be a problem […]

RecoveryPump Review

The fine folks over at RecoveryPump sent me one of their units for a two week demo period to put it through its paces.  In case you were wondering what a RecoveryPump is, it’s a compression device that helps circulate blood in your legs (or other body parts with sleeves). The system is relatively simple, […]

Sandbag Carry

Sandbag carry is a catch all term for all the sandbags, pancakes, sandbells and most other similar things that you will be carrying. Standard pancake style (sandBells) are what most Spartan Races will have and is 20 lbs. for the women and 40 lbs for the men.  When it isn’t one of these on this site, […]

David Magida – Interview

David Magida is in position to make a run at the first place spot at every Spartan Race he runs this year. Having already taken first place in back to back days in Georgia(2014) he has all the signs of a great year in the making.  But not only is he one of the best Spartan […]

2nd Surge Energy Gel Review

I came across 2nd Surge Energy Gel by Pacific Health Labs which is from the same makers as Accel Gel while prepping for my comprehensive gel comparison article.  After sampling the chocolate flavored gel I realized it deserved a review all on its own. Flavor The taste of 2nd Surge chocolate is a deeper flavor that many gels.  It […]

10 foot wall Climb

A new obstacle at the Spartan race for this year was featured at the 2014 Arizona sprint for the first time. It is a 10 foot wall with ropes hanging down.  This obstacle uses strategies similar to the slippery wall.  You will want to treat it like the slippery wall by having your hands pulling on […]

Isaiah Vidal – Interview

Isaiah Vidal is a young adventure racer with big plans for the coming season. At 20 years old, last year alone, he had 6 podium(top 3) performances at Spartan Races.  This year he plans to blow that away and finish every race on the podium.  Isaiah Vidal is someone to look out for at your future […]

2014 Warrior Dash Announcement Details

All this week Warrior Dash has been posting their big announcements for 2014 on Facebook, one per day.  After reading about all of them I decided to follow up and get the details from the folks over at Warrior Dash.  See below for the day by day breakdown:   02/24 – Monday – 2014 Warrior […]

Obstacle How To – Tire Drag and Pull

The tire pull and drag is a simple obstacle that uses a technique that is very similar to rowing, well more like rowing through barely wet cement.  The best way to start describing it is along with photos. 1.  You get to your tire and drag it until the rope is fully out stretched   […]

Lead Up to Spartan Ultra Beast 2014 – Part 1

Unofficial Ultra Beast Countdown Clock:   With the registration for the Killington Vermont Beast announced last week for september 21st, saturday, that means the Ultra Beast is likely going to be the following day again.  Which brings us to the first in our series of articles interviewing racers from the elite and open field from […]