Hyperwear SandBell Review

Recently it came to my attention once again that I need more work on carrying weight for long distances. So I said to myself, “Self, you really need to get something more comfortable to carry on your shoulder for hours at a time.” Off I went in search of a sand bag type product that […]

Inov-8 X-talon 212 Trail Shoes Review

****** REVIEW UPDATE 12/1/2014 ******* After owning these shoes and testing many more off trail and trail shoes for over a year these shoes have really stood the test of time in terms of endurance.  I’ve gone through two pairs of Reebok All Terrains and tested many other shoes but these shoes haven’t gone away. My […]

Dryrobe Review

When I was recently catching up with Spartan Race World Champion and OCRWC winner, Jon Albon, I saw that he was sponsored by a company I wasn’t familiar with. So I started looking into Dryrobe to see what they do and I was instantly floored by the fact I had never heard of what Dryrobe makes. […]

TITIN Tech Weighted Compression Shirt (TITIN Force) Review

I initially came across the weighted compression shirt (TITIN Force) by TITIN Tech initially while interviewing Spartan Race Pro Isaiah Vidal. Instantly I was intrigued by the concept of having a weight vest that wouldn’t jostle around while doing non static exercises. What the people at TITIN Tech have done is just that.  They have […]

Sunny Hill Viking Obstacle Course Review

The Sunny Hill Viking Obstacle Course is one of the few of a growing number of permanent obstacle courses. One of the immediate things that make this course stand out is it’s proximity to New York City at only 2 hours north. The course is also conveniently located on the premises of the Sunny Hill Resort which […]

MudGear Socks and Shirt Review

MudGear is company that focuses on making the best obstacle racing specific gear around. They even have the slogan, “Because warriors are not made on treadmills.” This speaks to their entire approach to creating tough enduring garments that have all the needed features for a long wet and muddy race. For this review I’m going to […]

Spartan Race Tuxedo NBCSN

I do not own or host these video files but I just link to them. I suggest you enable adblock to best see the video.  Thanks!       http://gorillavid.in/fnl3pn9bv7py

Reebok All Terrain Super – Review

It is also worth reading the comparison between the Reebok All Terrain Super and All Terrain Sprint Version that I wrote, there are more specs on both of them. I took as long as possible to get the most thorough review possible for the Reebok All Terrain Super running shoes. It’s been over 4 months […]